Your questions mean to us: You are taking a genuine interest in LPA.

LPA – Questions and answers:

What does LPA expect of me – apart from a first-class university degree and qualified internships?
It is important to us that you fit into our team. We are seeking people who want to work in a varied environment, relish challenges as a catalyst for personal growth, and understand that work and fun are not mutually exclusive.

Do you also offer thesis opportunities?
If the topic is of interest to our daily work and we can support you in this endeavor then, yes, it is possible to write your thesis at our company.

Can I get to know LPA before I submit my application?
LPA strives to connect and exchange ideas with students and graduates at recruiting events held regularly at universities. Check our events calendar to see when we will be in your neighborhood.

How does the recruiting process work?
We will review your application as soon as we receive it. If we think we are a good match for each other, we will invite you – within a week and sometimes sooner – for an interview.  It usually consists of an assessment and an interview with two employees who work in your field of interest. If your assessment and interviews have convinced us that you are the best candidate for us, you will receive an offer within a few days.  The procedure is less elaborate for intern candidates.  Normally an interview is conducted and a decision is made afterwards.

I want to be an intern at LPA.   What do you expect of me? And what awaits me at LPA?
In our book, interns are potential colleagues, so we are very particular about who we select. We are seeking people with interesting personalities who are pursuing a bachelor or master’s degree – additionally with a good grade point average and a keen interest in the financial market and its products.  For you to benefit from an internship, we believe its duration should be no less than two months.

I want to change careers. May I apply to LPA?
We have nothing against career changers – on the contrary, we value people with exceptional biographies! Of course, your knowledge, abilities and personality should match the profile of LPA and the given position.

What career development opportunities will I find at LPA?
We want you to tackle your daily tasks with a strong sense of commitment and expertise, so we offer many possibilities for you to pursue your interests, cultivate your talents, and to continue developing at both professional and personal levels.

What kind of continuing education do you provide?
LPA invests in you to steadily develop your professional and soft skills, the aim being to provide satisfying service to even the most discerning customers. At LPA, we align our continuing education with customers’ requirements as well as with our employees’ interests, abilities and talents.

Will my activities be limited to the German-speaking region?
No, we have customers in other European countries and we also want to win over international banks and financial institutions in the future, so stints abroad are entirely possible – for example at our newly launched subsidiaries in Madrid and Paris.