„Making your points" means for you: The efficient implementation of regulatory demands.
„Making your points“ means for you: Digital innovations for the distribution of your products.
Digitisation of your products – that’s what „making your points“ means to us.


13. November 2017

Geblitzt!: Read now the current LPA Geistesblitz “Portfolio-Swap with efficient Interest Mix“.

The Geistesblitz (pdf) „Portfolio-Swap with efficient Interest Mix” presents your customer an alternative view at the key decision between a variable and a fixed interest…

LPA combines the services of a consulting company with innovative software solutions, products and strategies from the capital markets business.

More than 120 capital market specialists work at our locations in Frankfurt and Leipzig. For more than 15 years, we have been sharing our experience and knowledge with banks and financial institutions in an effort to drive their business. We work towards your success because that’s how we define our success.

Our employees made our company what it is today: a successful consulting and software firm specializing in interest rate and foreign exchange management. Our executives bring together broad qualifications and diverse experience to create the perfect skill-set for our line of business.


Comprehensive consulting services for capital markets.


Exceptional Software solutions for extraordinary challenges.


Theory rooted in Practice – Workshops and Seminars.

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14. December 2017

Finance 4.0 – the future of smart economics

Digitising banks: the unexpected revolution

Regulation and cost-efficiency, pricing policies and digitisation are high-priority affairs for many economic sectors. Only those effectively incorporating them into their…