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EMIR REFIT revises reporting obligations and new technical standards on derivative reporting will come into force.


Take the chance to discover and deep-dive into the transaction reporting topic with our experts - join our virtual get-together in October 2021!

Our three focus topics:

1. New Data fields and increased granularity requirements

Increase of reporting data fields (129 vs. 203) and a new table for margin reporting, adjustments in value attributes and data formats for at least 67 existing data field. Reporting of post trade events - expanded options for existing “action type” and new data field „event type“ will be introduced to further specify the respective Lifecycle Events, requiring sufficient data sources with a high degree of granularity and quality or even new interfaces.

2. Global standards harmonization

Product identification & critical data elements - Unique Product Identifier (UPI) will be introduced as the regulator aims to achieve consistent identification and classification of transactions for aggregation and monitoring purposes. Additionally, the Unique Trade Identifier (UTI) has been classified as a critical data element with revised structure and waterfall approach. End-to-End reporting in ISO 20022 xml. - xml. schemas developed in line with ISO 20022 methodology are to be used not only for the communication between the TRs and authorities, but also for reporting from TR counterparties, similarly to requirements under the SFTR framework.

3. Data Validation and Reconciliation

Harmonized data quality requirements across TRs - new technical standards relate to enhanced and harmonized quality requirements for data validation and reconciliation processes that take place at the TRs once derivatives are reported to them. 174 data fields will fall under reconciliation obligation with 26 data fields allowing tolerances in deviations.


• Introduction

• EMIR REFIT Key Facts und Challenges

• EMIR REFIT Focus Topic – New Reporting Fields

• EMIR REFIT Focus Topic – New Standards

• EMIR REFIT Focus Topic – Reconciliation

• AI Use Cases

• Conclusion

The webinar will also include a Q&A session, where all questions will be addressed.


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