Intelligent Document Digitization

Achieving a Paperless Process with AI data extraction, classification, storage and reuse.

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End to end automation of document extraction using our core AI technology

Many paper based administrative processes are highly manual and time-consuming. Data is commonly stored in non-machine readable forms or on printed documents.

Banks have identified digitization of paper based documents through automated extraction of relevant information as a major milestone in their digital agenda. Our solution solves this challenge using our core AI technology to automatically analyse an incoming document and extract the relevant data. Together with a customizable user interface, the solution can be fully integrated into your technology landscape – making document based work more efficient and user-friendly.

IDD flow IDD flow

step 1


PDF, XML, Paper.

step 2

Analyse & extract data

Using our core AI technology together with our Rules Engine we are able to analyse an incoming document and extract relevant data.

step 3

Initiate workflow

Our Rules engine then initiates an Automatic Process using our Workflow solution. Any incoming document can be read, analysed and fully automated.

step 4

User interface to monitor

A Customizable user interface for monitoring is available for the User. Maintenance can be done of AI model selection parameters and user groups.

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End to end automation

Automatically identify and categorize the fields for logical data extraction

Automatically analyze and extract relevant data from multiple different document types

Fully customizable workflows available to initiate automatic data processing for specific needs

Reduced process inefficiencies

Improve focus of current resources

Reduce reliance on physical paper forms and documents

Reduce manual data entry

Reduction in scope for human error

Areas of use

Application options encompass various departments and multiple document types. Legal, trading, operations or Compliance / KYC professionals can analyse, process and utilise documents whether they be; invoicing, client enquiries, trade classifications, legal documents, term sheets etc.


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Use cases


Tier 1 International bank is faced with the following challenges:

All trades globally need to be classified and categorized as “standard” or “non-standard” which in turn triggers different compliance and target market requirements.

Although classification rules are pre-determined, deep product understanding is needed and occasionaly relates to external static data.

Most products can be automatically classified using input parameters from pricing via an xml interface, however some products may need manual termsheet screening.

Globally the number of monthly trades is significant which places a significant ongoing manual control burden.


LPA Capmatix extracts trade parameters from term sheets, imports the xml files and manages the end-to-end process. All within the single tool.

Minimize operational risks
Automation of manual product classification process.

Increased traceability of approvals
All non-standard trades run through a separate approval workflow.

Scalability potential
Once onboarded, the same solution can be scaled to account for increasing number of trades.


Market-leading Asian Bank is faced with the following challenges:

Different front-office systems were used for pricing, sales and initiation of bookings.

The legacy ‘Golden Source’ of trade data required systemic checking for inconsistencies.

Manually created term sheets had to be compared to the actual trade booking triggered by the pricing systems.

Inconsistencies continually needed to be flagged and an exception handling process needed to be followed to amend the requisite trade or term sheet.


LPA Capmatix captures trade data from term sheets and manages exception handling of all inconsistencies.

Reduction in unproductive time of operators
Significant time saving from reduced manual document screening.

Enhanced visibility
Overview of all manual trades and exceptions in a shared dashboard.

End-to-end automation and integration
Checks in legacy systems can be automated by re-using existing interfaces.


Major International Bank is faced with the following challenges:

On-boarding new prime brokerage clients was a cumbersome inter-departmental process between Sales, Ops, Legal, Risk and IT.

Legacy process contained 20 steps, was managed via email and phone and required approval by 8 different parties.

Manual process was error-prone and not traceable leading to slow client-response times and frequent errors and oversights.

Inter-departmental collaboration required improvement.


LPA Capmatix extracts onboarding information and manage the end-to-end process within a single tool.

Reduced effort in manual alignment
Significant time savings in manual document screening and deadline management.

Increased accountability
Visibility and oversight of all open requests, their current status and identification of the responsible person.

Single source of truth – improving compliance
A single storage for all documentation and approvals is key for compliance.


Leading German Bank with cumbersome legacy manual workflows:

More than 1,000 documents were reviewed manually on a daily basis.

Documents were printed, reviewed, bundled into work packages and distributed to specific employees, all in physical paper form.

The relevant data was not available in a digital format. The processing of the work packages relied on manual process steps involving 20+ employees.

5 different process types and more than 20 different document layouts needed to be covered.

The distribution of the work packages were constantly monitored and adjusted.


LPA Capmatix provides a digital end to end workflow solution. This package distribution tool extracts the relevant information using AI software, automatically distributes the workpackages and processes the documents.

Automatic review, bundling, and distribution of thousands of pages
Immense time savings in document screening.

Easier monitoring and managing of all current processes and distribution rules
Full overview over thousands of processes each day, distribution rules can be adjusted in real-time.

End-to-end automation
Processes can be fully automated, generating further time savings and efficiencies.


European based International Bank presented a challenging setup:

4 million loan contracts only available on paper and not digitized (target: 0,8 million paper-only contracts).

Convoluted manual negotiation process including > 1500 emails (target: standardized negotiation process with < 300 emails).

10 - 15 departments involved.

> 50 tools / templates / checklists to be used within the process(target: 1 tool).


LPA Capmatix collected the relevant data from the contracts and steered the end-to-end negotiation workflow within Capmatix paving the way for STP with the bank’s loan system.

Digitization of legacy contracts
Immense time savings in screening of contracts and data extraction.

Reduce internal efforts by standardizing loan negotiations
Reduce operational risks and systems involved, improve financial sanctions controls and ensure readiness for regulatory requests (i.e. IBOR transition).

Full integration
Leverage on our workflow engine to integrate with bank systems such as LoanIQ to enable STP.

Other features

  • Import various document types
  • Automatically analyse and extract relevant data
  • Initiate a workflow for automatic data processing
  • Customize your user interface for monitoring
  • Smart maintenance through model selection parameters and user groups
  • Easy integration of the solution into your technology landscape

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