Product release news – European ESG template (EET) v1.0

Product release news – European ESG template (EET) v1.0
On March 14th, FinDatEx published the official EET Version 1.0. This template is the official FinDatEx data-exchange template for ESG data, following the definitions from applicable EU regulation (eg. SFDR, Taxonomy Regulation, IDD, MiFID). The version provides Mandatory [M] / Conditional [C] information due to be delivered from 1. June 2022 to distributors and insurers under the MIFID II and IDD starting from August 1st 2022.  

The disclosure of the ESG data needs to be available to investors prior to the investment decision. With the new EET, all market participants will benefit from the ESG data exchange under the uniformed standards.

The EET template plays a critical role to the growing need of the market for ESG data transparency.   The EET v1.0 delivery date is fast approaching. We are happy to announce that, LPA full suite ESG solution is already supporting the generation of the EET v1.0 template. Our end to end solution enables our clients to load their data, easily generate EET and distribute it, all in one transparent platform.  

With LPA, we ensures you to be compliant with the regulatory requirements and benefit from the market best practices on ESG topics. Our experts who are active members of industry associations and working groups on ESG and EET follows updates and industry trends.
Ayal Leibowitz

Chief Innovation Officer

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