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Consulting services

Accelerating capital markets transformation with best-in-class domain expertise and cutting-edge solutions

We enable our clients to make their financial market business fit for the future. From strategy to implementation, along the entire value chain. After all, a sustainable business model not only requires the tapping of new revenue sources but also efficient infrastructure and processes that comply with regulatory requirements.

Our mission is to apply deep domain expertise to tailor technology and advisory solutions enabling clients in the financial world to remain agile and efficient in complex, changing environments.


Business strategy

Disruptive forces are changing capital markets and posing major challenges for the financial services industry. Our deep domain knowledge and expertise safeguard your transformation toward a sustainable business model and unlock the full potential of your business.

Our approach focuses on defining a clear strategy and identifying real performance drivers based on empirical evidence. Strong execution is as important as a well-thought-out strategy.

We deliver both. To strengthen your performance, reinforce your competitive position and help you to excel now and in the future.


Distribution advisory

We assist you in sustainably increasing your earnings in the capital market business by providing sustainable advice on issues crucial to your business success. We focus on consistent alignment of your product range and processes in addition to your strategic focus to target customers. This approach involves three elements: identifying the appropriate target customer group, adapting the process structure and increasing efficiency through digital transformation. We draw on many years of experience with an in-depth understanding of products and processes. We take regulatory requirements into account and facilitate the use of digital capabilities through appropriate software support. Our distinctive solution competence ensures customer loyalty and sustainable earnings. We are passionately committed to your success and will actively support you through every step of the implementation process. As revenues are the ultimate benchmark, we even accept having skin in the game.


Operations & process optimization

Continuous process improvement is a major aspect for all financial institutions since flawless processes provide a crucial competitive advantage. Process optimization approaches become even more relevant in times of digitalization and agile environments. Why? Processes need to adapt faster than ever to new trends in technology and regulation, and digitalization is the greatest catalyst here. LPA therefore utilizes state-of-the-art technology to create robust processes.


Digital transformation

Digital transformation is not only changing processes and systems but entire business models. At the same time, core technologies such as AI, Big Data and IoT are playing an increasingly important role. As a leading international CapTech company, technological competence partnered with broad expertise is an integral part of our DNA. That's why LPA has been driving the digitalization of the capital market business for over 20 years, supporting clients in the analysis, planning, development and implementation of digital technologies.

This makes us the ideal partner for the financial services industry for successfully mastering the digital transformation.


Risk & compliance

Digitalization, new regulations and other market developments are about to fundamentally change the approach to risk management and compliance in the financial services industry.

We at LPA help all three lines of defense to adapt in a fast-paced industry and to bring risk management to a new level. Our unique combination of profound industry and product expertise, understanding of methods and technology and an experienced team of practitioners makes the difference: we excel at what we do and we enjoy it.


Regulatory change

The pace at which new rules and regulations are introduced shows no sign of slowing down. Regulatory change is the new “business as usual” and business leaders need to be comfortable with transformation in an environment where change is constant.

With our extensive experience in regulatory change, LPA supports its clients in quickly identifying, evaluating and implementing necessary program changes in order to ensure continued compliance with the regulatory landscape.


Technology transformation & system integration

Changes in customer behavior, the establishment of platform economies and the emergence of new revenue models – our customers are exposed to a variety of global trends that radically threaten their existing business model at any given moment. In order for them to react promptly and be in a position to adapt their offerings to new requirements, the existing (system) infrastructure including the underlying processes must be flexible and scalable.

As a leading CapTech company, we start at exactly these points, combining our high quality standards in a unique way with technical expertise, a deep business and procedural understanding and a high degree of implementation competence.


Program & test management

Financial service providers are facing new challenges. They need to adapt to new requirements and therefore adjust their systems and processes.

Implementation must be done smoothly and efficiently in order to keep costs as low as possible and avoid jeopardizing daily business. Efficient test management combined with a high degree of automation, technical knowledge and a deep understanding of the business, results in successful and cost-effective integration of our customer’s new processes and services.

Based on our extensive experience in developing and implementing software, we offer test management and test automation services to support you during digital transformation projects. Our service includes defining the test strategy, test planning and coordination, test reporting, defect management as well as test automation (e.g. Selenium, Ranorex, HP UFT, Tosca, etc.)


Valuation & validation

We are not just advisors but also developers of proprietary pricing models, libraries and software. We therefore pride ourselves on being hands-on experts when it comes to pricing and analyzing financial products from a business and regulatory perspective. From products and structuring to model development and validation to infrastructure and market data.

We offer a wide range of consulting and valuation services that benefit from our cutting-edge pricing library LPACalc. This includes xVA pricing, CSA valuation, sensitivity analysis, PRIIP model implementation and regulatory metrics such as FRTB or SA-CCR.


Professional services

Software quality and ease of implementation are fundamental to our philosophy and we place paramount importance on ensuring delivery excellence.

Our clients are required to focus their staff and resources on meeting the demands of their daily operations. We have engineered our implementation process so that our clients receive maximum assurance that they can comfortably rely on our expertise and qualified teams to undertake the complete implementation of our software solution through a highly structured and accelerated process.

We cherish long-term relationships with our clients and highly value their end-user satisfaction. Throughout every part of our journey together, we devote the whole attention of our delivery and account management teams to ensuring our clients' success. Read more


In excess of 350 trillion dollars’ worth of contracts reference the LIBOR alone. Measured by the volume of affected contracts, the IBOR reform is the biggest change in the capital markets since the introduction of the euro in 1999.

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Trade Surveillance

Technical progress such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are opening up new possibilities in trade surveillance.

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Our deep understanding of products and processes, the ability to transform regulatory requirements into pragmatic solutions and the use of new technologies. Our clients are aware that this path to more sustainability will involve a steep learning curve and our knowledge is essential for this.

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As the last pillar of the European key regulations the CSDR, which aims to increase the security of settlement processes, will enter into force in February 2022. In addition to necessary clarifications the market participants are faced with complex process-related and technical adjustments.

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AI & Analytics

Banks face the challenge to realize earnings potentials and exploit efficiency gains simultaneously. Tier 1 banks are already addressing this challenge through the increased use of analytics and modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). We enable you to keep pace with the evolution of new technologies such as AI, Machine Learning and other Advanced Analytics techniques. Our innovative solutions help to optimize and automate your processes, thereby increasing revenues and cutting down costs.

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T2/T2S Consolidation

All development, migration, configuration, and testing is tightly time boxed and must be completed on time to be able to settle payments via TARGET. Whether only trying to meet minimum requirements or also trying to leverage from the new functionalities to automate and optimize operations and costs, we offer insight into the new TARGET solution and can support achieving the Go Live in November 2022.

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Unstructured Data

As sources for information and investment research spreads, making a comprehensive analysis and informed investment decisions becomes more challenging. Social media, News, Management Commentary etc. demonstrate how such valuable information may fall under the radar without the necessary tools. We help in navigating the capital markets by leveraging unstructured data. Gain insights on the macroeconomic environment, consumer or investor sentiment and stay ahead of the curve with intelligent tools.

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DLT and Digital Assets

The use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the emergence of Digital Assets poses many new challenges to our clients that will substantially impact their current business model. In order to be successful in the future, it is inevitable to find out what opportunities and risks come along with the new technologies for them and their clients. Our One-Stop-Shop Solution helps them to overcome potential obstacles, to utilize DLT and Digital Assets to their fullest, and at the same time to establish disruptive markets and compelling standards.

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EMIR REFIT revisions will not only lead to implementation efforts such as adjustments of affected interfaces and corresponding specification and conception phases (professional and technical) but is also giving market participants the opportunity to revise and to optimize the efficiency of their transaction reporting regime as a whole. We at LPA have already conducted intense project-work to implement new transaction reporting requirements and messaging formats, as well as harmonising existing interfaces and incorporating new ones.

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CSA Restructuring
"Clean Discounting" requires Eonia or EFFR based legacy CSAs to be negotiated and compensation payments between counterparties to be settled. Complexity is increased further, as market participants still have legacy CSAs with features such as embedded floors or thresholds.
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IBOR Legacy Transition Solution
Manage the IBOR transition of your legacy business successfully. Our IBOR Legacy Transition Solution enables you to reduce costs, mitigate risks and facilitate your steering & governance. The tool efficiently combines both a customizable-workflow and independent pricing validation.
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FX Deal Pages
Current market environment with increased volatility leads to attractive product parameters for structured FX products. Our digital post trade self-service solution helps you further strengthen your business in a highly competitive environment & increase revenues by up to 60%.
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Testing during Digital Transformation
Due to COVID-19 the digital transformation is happening faster than anticipated. Efficient testing is essential in ensuring the quality of digital processes as well as in saving resources in the long term. We support you to set up and coordinate your test activities as well as optimize and automate your test processes during software development, updates and cloud migration.
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