Capmatix Regulations
Solvency II

The Solvency II Directive fundamentally reformed and standardised European insurance supervision law. The law, which has been in force throughout the EU since January 2016, is divided into 3 pillars.

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Pillar 1: Minimum capital requirements: Insurance companies are required to calculate the SCR (solvency capital ratio) values of their assets on a monthly basis. The collection and review of assets includes over 130 data fields.


Pillar 2: Risk Management. Boards of insurance companies must meet uniform requirements regarding quality assurance and data accountability ("fit-and-proper" criteria).


Pillar 3: Reporting requirements. To ensure standardised transparency for regulators and investors, regular publications of QRTs (Quantitative Reporting Templates) are mandatory.



What this means for your reporting

Insurance companies are obliged to guarantee the data quality of their directly and indirectly managed assets and to ensure correct classification for SCR calculation and reporting.


Asset managers must provide insurers with detailed, guideline-compliant portfolio data. This also applies - for example in the case of target funds or fund-linked insurance structures - to asset managers without their own insurance mandate.


Administrators and master KGVs often provide the services required by asset managers and insurance companies. Therefore, they need a client-enabled European system that ensures both the integration of external look-through data and the correct enrichment of internal data.



Our solution:
Capmatix Regulations for Solvency II

Capmatix Regulations automates the entire process chain of data management and reporting, both for liquid and illiquid assets, in compliance with the guidelines.

Data management, SCR and Look Through

Automated integration of data from different fund management systems, platforms, internal databases and third-party systems; for own funds, target funds and direct investments of insurance companies

Data enrichment with CIC, NACE, LEI and issuers

SCR calculation according to EIOPA guidelines


Risk management & control


Data lineage and data verification via data exports in CSV

Data quality assurance through audit trail and plausibility checks

Traffic light system for automated process monitoring

Highly secure operation in a Tier IV certified data center


Reporting to supervisors and investors


TPT generation for data exchange between asset managers and insurance companies

QRT generation for insurance companies

Secure data access via browser - for portfolio managers, fund companies, insurance companies and administrators

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