Capmatix Regulations

The EU regulation on packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs) requires uniform and comparable Key Information Document (KID) to be produced for all "packaged" investment products offered to retail investors in Europe.

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Investment funds and insurance products are considered to be in scope of the PRIIPs regulation if they are offered to EU retail investors.

Although UCITS funds are in scope of PRIIPs regulation, UCITS fund managers were given specific exemption from the obligation to produce a PRIIPs KID till the end of 2022.

The end of the UCITS exemption will require fund managers to switch from the current UCITS KIID to the new PRIIPs KID that is based on a completely different set of regulatory requirements.



The consequences for your reporting

Fund managers that offer investment funds which are in scope of PRIIPs regulation to EU retail investors are required to produce PRIIPs KIDs.

UCITS funds are exempted till end of 2022, but fund managers of UCITS funds need to get prepared the new regulatory requirements.




Our solution:
Capmatix Regulations for PRIIPs KID

The Capmatix Regulations solution for PRIIPs centralises your data management, automates the PRIIPs KID production flow and minimises your operational efforts and risk.

Data management

Flexible collection of raw data from administrators, own systems and look-through platforms

Collection of market data (arrival prices) from up to six data providers using the "waterfall concept"

Validation of input data via a multi-stage verification process

Management of all product narratives

Continuous monitoring of all processes

Ongoing monitoring of results with an alert function


Risk, performance & cost calculation


NAV import according to share certificate class, proxy and market indices

Calculation of market risk for all PRIIPs categories

Calculation of performance scenarios for any given holding period

Calculation of costs, total costs and impact on Reduction in Yield according to PRIIPs


Calculation of transaction costs


PRIIPs-compliant calculation of both historical and current transaction costs on the basis of arrival prices

Optional calculation of transaction costs according to the spreads or new PRIIPS method


Creation of exchange data


Automated calculation, creation and distribution of data in EPT or CEPT format, as well as in other formats if required (EMT, DCPT, ICT, FVPT, WM Fundinfo / Openfunds)


Creation of PRIIPs KIDs


automated calculation, creation and distribution of PRIIPs KIDs as well as, if desired, other formats such as fact sheets

rule-based multilingual text design (narratives) according to the PRIIPs regulatory requirements

flexible design of all documents in line with your corporate standards


Comprehensive distribution


Automated distribution to insurance clients and fund-of-funds managers

Automated distribution to regulatory hubs

Hosting of published documents

Publications for investors via web portal

Documents can be made available to investors via "white label web pages"

Archiving of all documents and data

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