Capmatix Regulations 
for EMT

The European MiFID Template (EMT) is the industry standard format for the transmission of MiFID II data.

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Since MiFID II regulation came into force, financial product distributors are required to provide detailed cost disclosure to investors and ensure that products are being sold according to the product's target market definitions.

Fund managers are requested by distributors to deliver this information in order to be able to comply with the regulation requirements.

Fund of Funds manufacturers are required to collect cost information of their underlying funds and calculate ongoing costs on a look-through basis.

The EMT format was developed by FinDatEx (Financial Data Exchange) in 2018 and it is used as the standard template for communicating MiFID II information between entities.

The EMT contains product general information, product target market and information on ex-ante and ex-post costs.


What this means for your reporting


Fund Managers need to communicate MiFID II information to distributors.

Fund of Funds manufacturers need to produce their MiFID II cost disclosure on a look-though basis as a function of their underlying funds.

Financial distributors must request, check, evaluate and process the information in order to apply MiFID II requirements.


Our solution:
Capmatix Regulations for EMT

Capmatix Regulations offers you a complete solution for data exchange via EMT.

Capture of MiFID II data

Look-through data import from asset managers, service providers or distribution platforms

Data monitoring and validations

Calculation of Transaction Costs

Automatic generation of EMT formats

Optional production of further formats: Openfunds/FI, FundsXML, WM data, XLS, CSV, TXT, XML

Report distribution via e-mail, external SFTP or customer API

Distribution to regulatory hubs

Archiving of all data and reports

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