Capmatix Regulations

For FCA managers in the UK, the guidelines of the "Financial Conduct Authority" (FCA) apply to the disclosure of costs and charges.

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To facilitate the FCA-compliant disclosure of the corresponding data, different template formats have been developed.

The "Defined Contribution Pension Template" (DCPT) is a standard format for the transmission of cost, portfolio and other relevant information to pension fund operators.

The standardised templates of the "Cost Transparency Initiative" (CTI / ICT) are used for reporting to institutional investors.



The consequences for your reporting

Anyone who manages or distributes financial products in the UK will have to apply with the DCPT/CTI/ICT formats. This results in additional work in the areas of data management, transaction cost calculation and reporting.



Our solution:
Capmatix Regulations for CTI/ ICT / DCPT

Capmatix Regulations automates the reporting of data according to DCPT and CTI standards and consequently minimises your reporting efforts.

Data management

Flexible collection of raw data from administrators, own systems and look-through platforms

Market data collection (arrival prices) in the "waterfall concept", for example from Refinitiv, IHS Markit and other data providers

Input data validation via a multi-stage verification process

Continuous control of all processes via the dashboard

Monitoring of all results; alert function in case of need for action


Asset classification to DCPT /CTI standards


The application offers user the flexibility to maintain the asset classification easily from the frontend


Transaction cost calculation


Transaction cost calculation according to the basis point or new PRIIPS method as per exception and for new products

Optional calculation of historical and current transaction costs with spreads and benchmarks, based on prices according to Full-PRIIPs method


Generation of exchange data


Automated generation of DCPT and CTI/ICT templates

Clear, easy-to-use interface

Flexible design of all documents as well as the user interface in your corporate design

Agile system that enables product launches in a short period of time


Comprehensive distribution function


Automated distribution of reports to pension funds and institutional investors

Provision for your distribution partners via "white label" websites

Archiving of all data and documents

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