Capmatix Regulations CRR II / VAG / Solva / GroMiKV

The Capital Requirement Regulation (CRR), the Insurance Supervision Act (VAG), the Solva regulations and the Large Exposures and Million Loans Ordinance (GroMiKV) result in far-reaching reporting obligations for fund companies if banks are invested in their funds.

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The current CRR II regulation has been in force since June 30, 2021. Among other things, it contains two important innovations that primarily affect asset managers: 1. the obligation to conduct a complete, accurate review of all investment funds and 2. the mandatory certification of reports by an auditor. 


The Insurance Supervision Act (VAG) regulates the state supervision of pension funds and insurance companies operating in Germany. The resulting reporting requirements are aimed at the ongoing fulfillment of contracts as well as the protection of customers.


The Large Exposures and Million Loans Ordinance (GroMiKV) of the German Federal Ministry of Finance defines extended reporting requirements for financial service providers and credit institutions.



The consequences for your reporting

The areas of application of these ordinances and laws overlap several times and each places high demands on the correctness and traceability of all data and calculations.



Our solution:
Capmatix Regulations for CRR II / VAG / Solva / GroMiKV

Capmatix Regulations integrated platform solution covers all components of CRR II -, VAG-, Solva- and GroMiKV-compliant reporting.

Data management & report generation

Mapping of the respective requirements of BaFin, EIOPA and BVI

Integration of all relevant data from data warehouse or fund accounting systems as well as third-party systems; acceptance of customer-specific formats

Accurate classification by risk weight, exposure class, credit quality/ratings, exposure and equity deduction items

Import and export of VAG data sheets, target and third-party funds and insurers' own investments

Secure data access via browser


Maximum residual value reduction, minimum capital backing


Rule-based classification of fund holdings and direct investments according to CRR asset classes and VAG asset categories; derivation of risk weights

Recording, measurement, weighting and display of loans within the scope of GroMiKV

Optimisation of rating allocation; ensuring traceability through report overview and plausibility check

Integration of external portfolios and target funds via portfolio data, VAG data sheets and data providers (WM and Morningstar)


Regulatory compliance


Complete traceability of all data and calculations

Quality check of data through consistency and plausibility checks

Fast plausibility checks in the event of queries from banks or insurance companies

Proof of regulatory correctness through reporting to KAG and investors

Cooperation and coordination with you preferred auditors (CRR II, Art 132)

Maintenance contract for consideration of regulatory requirements and interpretations


Optimal display


Multi-level classification process for maximum reduction of residual values

Optimised rating allocation for securities and issuers through agency ratings and qualified internal ratings

Multiple reviews of target funds for maximum transparency

Demonstrably optimal designation in accordance with regulatory requirements

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