Capmatix Regulations

Investment products registered in Luxembourg are subject to additional reporting requirements by the Banque Centrale du Luxembourg (BCL) and the Commission de Surveillance des Secteur Financier (CSSF).

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The BCL and the CSSF collect their own statistical key figures on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, which have to be submitted by fund companies, asset managers, insurance companies and banks via standardized Excel templates.


What this means for your reporting

The reports to be generated are similar to the reports required by the EU (Solvency II / PRIIPs / MiFID II) in parts, but place additional demands on data management and IT processes.



Our solution:
Capmatix Regulations for BCL / CSSF

Capmatix Regulations integrates BCL / CSSF reporting and automates the transformation and, if necessary, the supplementation of your existing data.



Transformation of Solvency II, PRIIPS and MiFID II data

Import of supplementary data from asset managers, service providers or distribution platforms  

Automated generation of BCL and CSSF formats (Excel, CSV or XML)

Generation of further desired formats, e.g. Openfunds/FI, FundsXML

Optional production of further BCL-/CSSF-related reports

Report distribution via e-mail, external SFTP or customer API

Report transmission to BCL/CSSF via e-file system  

Report delivery via web service or publication via a "white-label" web portal  

Archiving of all documents and data

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