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Reporting & Datamanagement for Alternative Investment Management Firms & Administrators

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AIFs as defined by the Directive are "alternative" investment funds that are not already subject to the UCITS Regulation; for example, real estate funds, hedge funds, private equity funds and investment funds for institutional investors. In addition, the AIFMD imposes new requirements on companies acting as depositaries of AIFs.


The consequences for your reporting

The scope of the directive covers the management as well as the marketing and administration of alternative investment funds. For each individual AIF, holdings, risk ratios and other fund details must be reported.

The reports must be sent regularly to the national supervisory authorities of the country in which the fund is registered. Complicating matters further is the fact that nearly every authority operates its own platform for electronic data transmission.

Asset managers or management companies based in the UK or out of EU are required to send AIFMD reports to each country in which their funds are marketed.



Our solution:
Capmatix Regulations for AIFMD

The Capmatix solution fully covers all components and reporting requirements of the AIFMD regulation.


Comprehensive consulting

Clarification of all relevant reporting fields, data and data sources

Feedback on data supply via data templates and interfaces

Feedback or error management on submitted reports


Data management


Interfaces to fund administrators and data suppliers   

Automation of data management and report generation   

Workflow mapping from data preparation to report generation and dispatch   

Data pool for master data, holdings, transactions and storage/archiving 

Check routines to ensure data quality, deadline monitoring of report data 


Monitoring via browser-based dashboard


Monitoring of the processes and of internal and external data sources (audit trail)   

Complete transparency: direct access to the current reporting status, including error messages    

Comparison of current and past reports, incl. history    

Access to feedback from the authorities  


Report generation and validation


Classification of inventories and transactions, by asset or region

Fund aggregation at AIFM level

Calculation of average values and AUM per investment (optional)

Report creation to AIFMD directive

Report generation in various formats: PDF, XLS and XML

client approval of reports before distribution


Automated distribution


Submission of reports via the relevant portals in the required format

Automated submission integrated into the dashboard ( if possible on the regulatory side)

Feedback and corrections supervisory authorities notices errors

Data archived for 3 to 5 years

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