Amended PRIIPs RTS:
What’s the effect on Structured Products and OTC Derivatives

#CapTalk: February 15th 2020, 11:00am - 12:30 (CET)

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• Changes to methodology and presentation of Performance Scenarios

• The new model for Autocallables

• Changes to cost disclosure and the challenge they pose on structured products and derivatives

• and many more

Why you should not miss out?

EIOPA's board finally approved the amended PRIIPs RTS.

Now, assuming the European Commission will approve the RTS (after all, they pushed EIOPA to approve it), unless the European Parliament and the Council will object, the new RTS will become active beginning 2022.

While plenty of work is expected for the fund industry (expiry of the UCITS exemption), the new RTS sets many challenges to manufacturers of structured products and OTC derivatives.

In the upcoming #CapTalks our experts will give valuable insights on the topic of the Amended PRIIPs RTS, starting with a deep dive into the new PRIIPs RTS effect on structured products and OTC derivatives.  


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Ayal Leibowitz, Chief Innovation Officer LPA/Modelity

Eddie Korol, Product Manager Modelity

Markus Diesing, Head of Client Delivery LPA

Missed the webinar?

We have it stored for you!