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Trade smarter with the LPA Algo Wheel

Written by Sandro Schmid
Jan 16, 2023

Investment decisions can be complicated and risky and are increasingly underperforming due to suboptimal execution and growing regulatory requirements. Algo wheels provide an effective AI solution to solve these challenges.  

What is an algo wheel?

Algorithmic trading wheels or “algo wheels” are becoming increasingly popular amongst buy-side investors. They consist of an automated routing system that supports traders and portfolio managers with executing their orders with the best possible brokers, strategies, and venues.


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How can the LPA Algo Wheel support your trading?

Exclusively developed by our Advanced Analytics and AI team, the LPA Algo Wheel provides you with profound knowledge on broker and trader performance, resulting in best execution and lower transaction costs. To achieve this, our cutting-edge technology utilizes artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning.

Reinforcement learning  can be used to develop trading algorithms that adapt to varying market environments and support decision-making based on both historical data and real-time market conditions.

Our highly competitive and transparent algo wheel reduces operational risk, saves time spent on routing orders, and  ensures compliance regulatory measures.

David Marcos, PhD, Head of Advanced Analytics and AI, comments: “As markets have become more liquid, buy-side investors require the tools for optimizing and automating order execution. Current trading processes suffer from high operational risk, with traders needing to dedicate greater time to understanding algorithms, choosing brokers, and commenting on outliers in order to prove best execution. At LPA, we have developed an offering to build an Algo Wheel in-house that incorporates all the potential of artificial intelligence, as a solution to these challenges.”

Through the combination of the LPA Algo Wheel and our dedicated team of experts, you can remain agile in complex and dynamic financial markets.

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