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LPA launches Contract Navigator, a new document automation platform for financial markets

Written by Michael Governeur
Sep 27, 2022

Frankfurt, 27 September 2022LPA, the global capital markets software provider and advisory firm, announced the launch of Contract Navigator, a new platform designed to fully automate and digitalise all content, agreements and processes for financial markets.

The platform is asset class agnostic and functions across corporate and commercial lending, OTC trading and clearing. Contract Navigator optimises and automates the processes and generation of content such as term sheets and trading agreements in line with the industry standards provided by ISDA, LMA, LSTA, GMRA, GMSLA or bespoke to a bank’s internal policies and requirements.

LPA’s Contract Navigator is unique in its ability to generate and accelerate the review and approval of contractual agreements and ingest external agreements and documents. The solution can extract and digitalise data and clauses from complex agreements such as those found in syndicated lending and OTC trading documents through highly sophisticated AI microservices.   

“Banks are under massive pressure from both a functional and technology perspective to digitalise not only their front office processes but also to provide a true end-to-end digitalisation journey covering the automation of the intricate processes required across relationship management, trading, legal, credit, compliance and operations,” said Keith O’Brien, Head of Product Management, Contract Navigator.   

He continued: “Banks need to both rapidly transform manual processes to reduce cost and in parallel transform their internal and external customer experiences to become more efficient, add value and remain competitive.” 

The new platform has been developed to decrease the reliance on non-audit compliant processes captured in email and Word to enable a paperless, online collaborative digital experience. Contract Navigator is also capable of fully automating the processes between all internal and external parties using industry best practice processes, providing deal and contract transparency by ensuring everyone involved in these processes is aware of who is doing what, by when and how to navigate any challenges in achieving milestones along the digital journey. 

Contract Navigator is a SAAS-based solution that can be deployed on a public or private cloud. The new solution continues on LPA’s considerable investment in modern, state-of-the-art technology to transform financial market processes.

About LPA  

Founded in 1999 by Stefan Lucht & Roland Probst to offer solutions as the finance industry evolved, LPA was built on the needs of its clients. As those needs have grown, so has LPA, becoming one of the world’s leading creators of award-winning software and consulting for the finance industry. Today the company has over 400 employees in 12 cities worldwide, delivering cutting-edge consulting through its specialist teams, and technology through four software products: Capmatix OTC Suite, Capmatix Structured Products, Capmatix Contract Navigator, and Capmatix Asset Management. Motive Partners, a leading specialist financial technology investment firm, has been partnered with and invested in LPA since November 2018.

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