Lucht Probst Associates (LPA) migrates to take advantage of Azure innovation and security

Written by Christopher Garner
May 25, 2022

Banks and Financial institutions around the world face very detailed compliance and regulatory requirements. These are there to protect the end client however regulatory compliance creates a huge cost and administrative burden for the bank. Further burdening our clients are the large number of manual processes coupled with  custom built silo technologies within their architecture. This makes it impossible for them to maintain clean data for their regulatory needs.  

Therefore they need to transform from their situation of today to a streamlined technology landscape fully designed to run their new automated and digitized processes in the cloud.  

In order to meet this transformation need, and the very high expected service level required, cloud hosting with Microsoft Azure was the clear choice. This provides our clients with a safe Global 24/7 cloud solution that is scalable and can be heavily depended upon.  

With Azure’s global and scalable offering we are assured that both our clients and our software development teams can achieve high quality automated processes that are ‘always on’. Additionally, migrating to Azure brings to both ourselves and our clients an increased flexibility which is an offering we highly cherish. We also love the fact that the Azure solution is future-proofed and that we can leverage from continuous Azure innovations. Furthermore, as Azure is the most well recognized global cloud provider we can easily train and onboard new staff and new clients.

Key to our global expansion are fully integrated alliance partners. By enabling them to leverage our technology and by having it available on Azure we can extend our reach both deeper with existing clients, new regions and new sectors. We fully believe that through our partnership with Azure, that LPA can help reduce costs for our clients, enable them to leverage out of the box Azure services, increase performance and scalability, adopt global best practice and standardization. It’s a positive story throughout the ecosystem.

In summary, Azure helps us move to a highly
efficient SaaS proposition.

Moving from one infrastructure to another is complex and carries risk, so any such project should not be underestimated. The small details, that can often not be immediately on the radar can quickly become critical, e.g. different default values for timeouts etc. The early inclusion of our customers in projects is necessary as also is an early joint testing phase.

We chose Microsoft to assist with our migration, as we are already a Microsoft user. We started using .Net beta 20 years ago, so graduating to Azure was a natural evolution. Our experience has proven that as we run our business on Microsoft Technology, we have a proven solution and dependable support for any migration that we may wish to do. We have been running our software in our own data center for many years based on the Hyper-V infrastructure. With the Lift and Shift approach and best practices through the Azure Migration Program it was possible to move the entire infrastructure to Azure as a base. From there, we can start replacing Virtual Machine by using native Azure Services to gain all the advantages of a real cloud-based solution. Furthermore, we can do it step by step with a process and speed that suits us.

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