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LPA support CyberMentor – Germany’s largest online STEM platform for girls

Written by Christopher Garner
Mar 23, 2022

LPA has made a donation to CyberMentor, an online mentoring platform specifically for girls interested in STEM subjects. The leading providers of innovative SaaS solutions and financial consultancy services are now official sponsors of the online mentoring program that aims to inspire girls to study science, technology, engineering or mathematics. 

LPA donated a five-figure sum to CyberMentor at the end of 2020 and repeated this for 2021 / 2022 and are official sponsors of the mentoring platform. CyberMentor is Germany’s largest online mentoring program for girls interested in STEM subjects (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).
Up to 800 pupils aged 11 to 18 will each be assigned a personal mentor for a period of one year who will encourage them in STEM subjects and support them in their choice of courses and careers.  

Through this sponsorship, acarda and LPA want to support the long-term goal of CyberMentor to increase the proportion of women in the STEM sector and thereby help to reduce the shortage of skilled workers in Germany.

In addition to the donation, several acarda employees will apply as mentors from 2021onward to give pupils a year of insights into work practices. Mentoring takes place on a protected online platform via email, chats and forums. Two mentoring pairs with the same STEM interests comprise a community in which they can work together on projects and exchange ideas about their favorite topics. As a result, mentees experience the STEM sector in ways that goes beyond personal 1:1 support.  

Ali Karaca, Key Account Director for LPA Asset Management, is delighted: “We are very pleased to be able to support the mentoring platform of CyberMentor. The enormous shortage of skilled workers in the sector suggests that women in particular should be inspired to enter STEM professions, because unfortunately the proportion of female students in STEM disciplines is still relatively low. Our desire is to eliminate the fear of the unknown by providing insights into the modern world of work and thereby inspire more girls and young women to enter the IT industry. We are proud of our employees who have put their names forward as mentors and role models to give courage, arouse curiosity and lower barriers. Heterogeneous teams and diversity are part of the fabric of our dynamic company. We offer young professionals a wide range of opportunities for development in all areas of the company.”

Peter Schurau, CEO of LPA, adds: “Partnership with CyberMentor is an obvious step for LPA to take. Together with acarda, the latest addition to the LPA Group, we are pleased that a large number of female colleagues are providing their time as mentors and encouraging young women to pursue a career in science and IT. The LPA Group will thrive as a result of its diversity, and our support for CyberMentor is tangible proof of that.” 

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