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Solvency II TPT : FinDatEx releases version 6

Written by Christopher Garner
Jan 12, 2022

This updated version includes main changes compared to V5.0 (published in January 2020) and have an impact on optimizing the solvency capital (SCR) calculation:

  • Two datapoints have been added in the last part of the template in order to take into account collateral in the SCR calculation:
  • Few minor corrections have been implemented for existing datapoints.

Additional guidelines were also released, refining the description of some datapoints helping users modelling FX forward, FX options, FX future transactions, Interest Rate Swaps, Credit Derivatives Swaps consistently. Version 6 can be used with the effective start date of 31 March 2022. On an interim basis, in Q2 2022, V5 and V6 can be used parallel. FinDatEx recommends using the version 6 only as of 30 June 2022.

With our Capmatix Regulations Solvency II solution we generate both TPT versions, the SCRs and include look-through data to fulfill best the requirements of your insurance clients. Capmatix Regulations is a platform and automated SaaS solution which covers the entire process of data management, calculation, reporting and distribution.

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