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LPA partners with blockchain platform Evercity for impact measurement and investment

Written by Christopher Garner
Nov 16, 2021

Frankfurt am Main & Glasgow – 16 November 2021 

LPA, the capital markets technology and advisory firm, today announced that it has enhanced its ESG consulting services through a partnership with Evercity, a digital platform for impact measurement and investment launched at the UN Global Climate Innovation Lab during COP26 in Glasgow.  

Full traceability and a high degree of technical security are key drivers for financial markets as the industry works towards attaining the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To enable that, Evercity developed a blockchain-based platform to streamline the end-to-end sustainable finance process. The platform makes it easier, more cost efficient and more transparent to issue green and sustainability-linked bonds. It also helps banks, impact funds and companies to assess EU Taxonomy alignment, monitor and track their sustainable investments.   Evercity is a founding member and leader of the finance working group in the Climate Chain Coalition, a global association co-chaired by the UNFCCC, working to advance blockchain and related digital solutions to help mobilise climate finance and enhance measurement, reporting and verification of climate actions.  

As a leader in European RegTech, LPA monitors the numerous amendments of the EU Action Plan and, together with Evercity, will help financial institutions keep abreast of regulatory changes, implement new requirements and track progress against ESG goals.  

Hans-Joachim Lefeld, Partner ESG Consulting at LPA
 stated “As a leading capital markets technology and consulting firm, we are continuously developing our offering to meet the needs of our clients. As pressure for sustainability rises, financial institutions are recognising the need to move towards a low-carbon economy and have started to adjust their business models to fully embrace ESG requirements. Together with Evercity we are confident we can provide financial institutions with the tools necessary to achieve their goals.” 

Alexey Shadrin, CEO of Evercity
 said “Green finance is growing at an unprecedented speed. However, we still need to mobilize more of it and ensure that there is no greenwashing. Fraudulent activities are not moving the industry closer to achieving the goals set in the UN Agenda 2030, but blockchain offers a solution to this problem by creating a golden source of truth for everyone. We are excited about the collaboration with LPA and it’s our belief that together we will be able to expand our reach in the German and EU market.” 

About LPA Group 

LPA is one of the world’s leading developers and consultants for technology-based capital market solutions (CapTech) for banks, insurers and fund providers. The core business of the multi-award-winning group is Capmatix, a software framework to automate workflows and documentation for financial instruments, structured products and OTC derivatives.  

LPA helps financial services companies in their capital market activities with; digital transformation, lowering the fixed cost base and automating their necessary advisory and regulatory documentation processes, thereby increasing efficiency, competitiveness and maintaining full compliance.  

In addition to Capmatix, other solutions include; Modelity (document generation and pricing calculations), acarda (regulatory reporting), Captano (FX, FI and MM Trading Platform) plus full consulting support and other AI driven solutions.  

LPA global coverage is managed from its headquarters in Frankfurt and at twelve other international locations including Tel Aviv, London, Zürich, New York, Paris, Barcelona, Luxemburg and Singapore, over 400 technology and capital market experts are employed by LPA supporting a portfolio of international clients.

About Evercity

Evercity is a Berlin-based sustainability measurement and investment platform. Its mission is to accelerate global finance flows into projects and innovations needed to attain UN Sustainable Development Goals. They enable banks, funds and corporations to increase transparency and profitability of their sustainable investments by integrating blockchain with monitoring tools: satellites, drones and IoT sensors.  

Evercity has developed an open-source Sustainable Finance Protocol that enables issuance of fully traceable sustainable assets (bonds, loans, carbon credits) on the blockchain with 10x times cost reduction and full transparency. Additionally, Evercity platform allows EU Taxonomy screening for companies and asset managers, automates green finance framework creation and reporting.  

Earlier this year Evercity graduated from Techstars & ABN AMRO Future of Finance accelerator and became a finalist of the Global Fintech Hackcelerator by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Evercity is raising a seed round to expand sales and receive virtual asset service provider status.  

Co-Founder and CEO of Evercity, Alexey Shadrin, is also the co-founder of the Russian Carbon Fund and DAO IPCI, a platform for climate initiatives, smart contracts and blockchain. He is also a public speaker, the co-author of the book titled Transforming Climate Finance and Green Investment with Blockchain, and the head of the finance working group at the UN-backed Climate Change Coalition.

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