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LPA and Swisscom partner to provide simplified access to investment risk analysis

Written by Christopher Garner
Apr 20, 2021

LPA Group company, today announced an enhancement of its suite of AI-based investment risk analysis and portfolio optimization through a partnership with Swisscom, a major Swiss IT provider.  

The new offering comes as an API access to portfolio risk metrics and signals which are increasingly demanded by clients from banks.  

AAAccell’s solution can be quickly and inexpensively integrated in existing e-banking systems, advisory and/or portfolio management tools. Depending on the frequency and number of assets, the cost of installation can be as low as CHF 10,000. Customers benefit from a high-performance, stable and trustworthy service hosting combined with state-of-the-art technologies and methods.  

To facilitate integration, the service can be integrated and maintained in the front- and back-end systems via Swisscom’s Open Business Hub (OBH). Integration via OBH reduces the complexity and coordination efforts throughout the entire service life, along with tapping into Swisscom’s state-of-the-art technology and many years of integration expertise.  

Roland Probst, co-founder, LPA said: “Investment metrics are increasingly vital for a broad range of customers to understand and react to changes in market conditions. Together AAAccell, a LPA Group company, and Swisscom are now able to offer a drastically streamlined onboarding process for customers, which will expand access to this important suite of services.”  

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